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Josiah Wilson is a full time minister that has many years of experience in various capacities of ministerial and organizational duties. Josiah grew up in a minister’s home. He has been exposed to many different facets of church leadership, outreach, events, and cultures.


Josiah started committing scripture to memory as a child through the effort of Bible Quizzing. He learned to play several instruments and sing along with his sisters and family.


He spent nearly 8 years of his life traveling with his parents on the road preaching and ministering in over 250 churches across America.


He lived in Mexico with his family as missionaries when he was 11. It was there that he learned to read, write, and speak in Spanish and developed a great love for the Hispanic people.


Josiah started teaching Sunday School in his teens. He helped his father, a pastor, lead worship and services at their church in El Paso, Texas. Upon arriving in Fresno, Josiah began attending Truth Tabernacle church. Josiah married the love of his life, Kari, in September of 2006. They have four children. Josiah has served in several roles during his tenure in Fresno. He assisted the pastor as Youth Leader for 9 ½ years. As youth leader, he and his wife organized youth functions both locally and regionally which involved several other church groups. Youth camps, youth retreats. Under the direction of the pastor, he counseled young people.


Josiah was appointed as Sunday School Director at a neighboring church, Belmont Tabernacle, and served in that capacity for nearly 8 years. In this role, he led a group of teachers, coordinated schedules, arranged materials, and worked with the local Spanish pastor. He and his family ministered in song and teaching during this time.


Josiah has assisted as a leader with coordinating the non-profit West Coast Conference. This is a conference attended by ministers across the US. From meeting with city organizations to assisting with negotiation of agreements to coordinating with the convention center staff, Josiah learned what is necessary to host a successful large conference with 1,000+ in attendance. He also led the youth activity on Friday evening for many years.


Josiah taught the New Convert’s Discipleship Class for many years. In this capacity, he was able to develop hands on skills with people who had many questions about God and general life direction. He had great fulfilment seeing many of those same members grow into mature Christians and God bless their life.


Josiah also led the Bible Study Department with connecting visitors with a bible study. He monitored weekly guest cards and requests for Bible studies from the website and followed up with them.


Josiah also holds a certificate of completion from the Apostolic Christian Training School in Fresno.


Josiah holds a Minister’s General License has been ministering in churches for the last 15 years. He is currently full time evangelizing traveling from church to church. 

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